We wash doll clothes!

We wash doll clothes
  It is possible to arrange bathing of dolls. For this purpose deliver on a floor a plastic basin with a warmish water, having added a little shampoo (from 2.5 years).

 We start up ships
  Put by parents from paper of the boat or small toy plastic ships it is let in swimming in the plastic basin standing on a floor (from 2 years).

 We make signets
  Jams, potato chetvertushka suit for production of signets. Pour a lot of paint (for drawing by fingers), moisten a signet and then press it to paper or a box surface. Игры для девочек! Parents can cut out signet drawing a knife on a potato or a stopper (from 2.5 years).

 We create landscapes
  It is possible to take, for example, vatu, slices of a white tracing-paper, a sticky tape for spangles, polyfoam, small branches and pebbles as trees and rocks and to create a winter landscape. For a substrate use a firm cardboard. It is possible to represent also the country of dinosaurs, dark, a summer lawn (from 3.5 years).

 We string "beads"
  Macaroni or linen clothespegs (and if is, and cockleshells, large wooden or plastic beads) it is very convenient to string on botinochny laces with firm tips (from 3 years).

 We sort knickknacks
  We get from a button box, from under threads and we sort nutlets, coils. The same belongs and to chestnuts, sea pebbles and the cockleshells brought from issue or brought from the last walk. We advise in advance to be stocked by empty boxes and jars (from 2 years).

 We count money
  We shake out a trifle from a purse and we learn to consider it. It is possible to study content of a mother's bag (previously having removed from it dangerous all in the slightest degree: a headache pills, etc.) (since 2.5 years).

 We order photos and pictures
  Family photos and the pictures made on issue, attentively we consider and we display on an order (to children give second copies which aren't a pity for spoiling). The same can be made and with the image of animals, toys and children of catalogs and illustrated magazines.

 We load the washing machine
  Let the kid give to mother the linen prepared for washing or even itself will load it into the machine - the baby will cope with it even one and a half-one-year-old.

 We direct purity
  By damp rag or sponge it is wiped unpolished doors, doors of cases or floors. It is possible to be engaged also in rubbing of toy machines, doll lodges, ships (from 3 years). Children are younger can dust a soft brush.